Glove Strap

Empty Glove Strap

This weekend’s simple project is a glove strap. I have six spare pairs of gloves in my bag and no good way to keep them together. Two of the pairs are identical gloves but in different sizes and I need a quick way to locate a pair and get them out.

What I came up with is a piece of parachute cord and a cord lock. That’s it. Nothing else.

Full Glove StrapI think I’m going to make up a few extras and put them on the gloves I keep in my pockets too. I usually keep one pair that I wear on each call in one set of pockets and a spare pair that I don’t wear too often in another pocket.

Also this weekend, I picked up a set of tools to keep in my pockets. I’ll do a separate post about those and the building of a pocket organization system.

Leather Axe Holster

I stumbled across Damn Yak Axe Holster and decided I needed one to go with my new axe cover. Since I had some leather left over from the last project, it only took an hour or so to knock it out.Finished Axe Holster

The axe holster has two snaps to open up the belt loop for easy attachment. Nothing is more frustrating than having to take off my belt to put something on it.

More details after the jump.

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HTPC Complete!

I finally got the last of the HTPC parts delivered today. The wireless keyboard and IR remote are now set up and working quite well. I settled on a Logitech K400 wireless keyboard with a built in touch pad. This eliminates the need for a separate mouse and just works better while sitting on the couch. The IR remote is a cheap Vista MCE Remote Control. I found both of these on Amazon pretty cheaply.

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Easy bacon cooking!

I was recently turned on to a quick and easy method to cook bacon. Turns out the microwave does a pretty decent job. It is as simple as putting a papertowel on a microwave safe plate, placing the bacon on the papertowel one strip at a time, and cooking. The timing is one minute per piece of bacon on the plate. This will get it mostly there, then it is just a matter of cooking it longer to get it to a crispy goodness state. So, roughly seven minutes and I had some perfectly crisp bacon with no pan and no long wait.

Give it a try and see how it works for you.