Supplier: McMaster-Carr

McMaster-Carr ( is one of those places you turn to when all other sources have failed to turn up the required parts. Odds are McMaster will have it if you need it. Chances are they will have it at a decent price and be able to ship it quickly too. I have had orders shipped the same day I ordered them which results in next day delivery quite often.

They have a large selection of materials, tools, fasteners, safety equipment, and just about everything else. Check out their site and browse the catalog to get a glimpse at what they carry. And, if you ever come across one of their print catalogs, grab it. They are quite large and comprehensive and highly useful for looking up various parts.

Supplier: is a great source for some of the more difficult to find materials and tools. They are primarily a supplier of homebuilt aircraft supplies but those are sometimes very useful for other projects. Some of the items they carry are solid rivets, composites, air tools, hand tools, sheet metals tools, and some more obscure items you don’t know you need until you do.


Today’s featured supplier is

I have used their small quantity/custom length services for years now. If you need any type of metal or plastic in a smaller quantity, odds are they have it. The prices (before shipping) are pretty comparable to what I find locally too. The difference is I cannot locally find a lot of the materials they carry. Chances are pretty good if I do find it locally, it is cheaper to buy a full stick of material than to pay for a cut too. This is exactly the niche where Online Metals excels – small pieces of specialty or hard to get materials. Take a look around the website to see what they have that you may need in the future. Make sure you file it away so you can find them when you need some material for your next project.

Mini Rose Tutorial

This guide will show you how to make your very own copper rose. This version is smaller than the ones I made a while back and the ones that I sell on my Etsy store . I will soon have these smaller ones listed as well at a price of $35 instead of the full size $60.

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