10/22 Project Update

Despite all the delays, the 10/22 project is complete for now. You can see what it looks like below.

Ruger 10/22

It’s not quite what I wanted it to be, but it’s pretty close. I was hoping to find a bull barrel – either plain or fluted – with a threaded muzzle. That turned out to be quite a bit more difficult than I imagined. I searched every distributor I could find; I looked at every manufacturer I was able to find; I even tossed around the idea of having one made.

In the end I stumbled into a Ruger 10/22 Tactical in Cabela’s. Turns out they had one in the store for a price pretty similar to the barrels for which I was shopping. So I ended up with a pair of 10/22s out of this project, one stock and the other dressed up a bit.IMG 2409

This 10/22 is a bit special in that it has a factory threaded barrel. My searching has led me to believe these are a bit harder to find and usually more expensive than the ‘plain’ models. If, in the future, I find the barrel I was looking for all along, I will pick it up and switch it out then.

To recap, this simple project involved switching the stock out for a Hogue overmold rubber stock, adding the red-dot sight, and mounting the suppressor. Internally I have done some work as well. Since this appears to be a higher model, the bolt is polished already but I cleaned it up a bit with a stone. I also deburred some of the trigger parts just a bit, but they were pretty good out of the box. The last bit of internal work was perforing the auto bolt release mod. This allows the bolt catch to release when the bolt handle is pulled back. Turns out this is much better than messing with the tiny bolt release lever.

IMG 2407I have a few more minor things planned for this gun. I would like to install a non-metallic bolt stop – hopefully this will quiet the action down a bit. The bolt/charging handle will eventually be replaced as well since the factory one is a bit lacking. I am sure I will eventually swap the red-dot sight for a scope at some point as well. The red-dot is only on it because I already had it. I have no major issues with the trigger so I will skip that upgrade until it is needed.

Over the next few weeks I will work on writing up how to modify the stock bolt release into an auto bolt release.

10/22 Stock Is Here!

The Hogue 10/22 stock finally got here from AAC! The bad news is it has to sit for a while because I have to travel for work. That will give me some time to keep looking for barrels though. I still haven’t found the one I want, but I haven’t put a lot of effort into it either. When I get back and get settled in I will work on doing a writeup on switching it over.

Ruger 10/22 Stock

I finally settled on a stock (for now) for my Ruger 10/22 project. I decided on a Hogue Over Molded stock I picked up from Advanced Armament for $40. Besides some nice silencers, turns out they have quite a selection of other accessories. I also picked up a scope rail from them as it turns out the stock rail for the 10/22 doesn’t fit the rings on my scope. Seems to me like a good reason to buy a new scope as well.

I was planning ahead when getting this stock – it is cut for a .920 bull barrel profile. With some more searching, I will find a black or blued heavy contour threaded barrel to stick on it.

With any luck, this project will be finished up this year and I’ll be ready to start the next one.

10/22 Project Update

A quick update on the 10/22 project. It is on hold for now. I can’t seem to find the barrel I want to use. I want a heavy contour barrel with a threaded muzzle. It would be ideal if I could find this with a spiral flute, but that doesn’t seem likely. Perhaps one will turn up soon and this project will be back on track. I have found the stock so I’m making small steps.