Copper Canister

My kitchen utensil drawer is overflowing with tools – to the point not everything fits. My thought was putting a canister on the counter with the bulkier and longer tools would free up some space and allow other stuff to go in the drawer.

Sounds easy enough. Build a copper canister and load it up.

I started with a roll of copper flashing like I always do for copper projects.

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Mini Rose Tutorial

This guide will show you how to make your very own copper rose. This version is smaller than the ones I made a while back and the ones that I sell on my Etsy store . I will soon have these smaller ones listed as well at a price of $35 instead of the full size $60.

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For Sale!

I am currently selling some of my copper roses on Find them here: My Etsy Store. I have them listed at $60 right now, most of the others I have seen for sale have been steel and have sold around $100 so this is quite a deal. Quantity discounts will be available for purchses of 6 and 12.

More Roses

Five More Roses

The single rose I made on Saturday looked a little sad all by itself so I cut up the rest of my roll of copper and made five more on Sunday. Six copper roses looks much better than one. Paired with the red glass vase I picked up today, these should look good.