Market Monday: Lee Valley Tools

This week’s Market Monday is Lee Valley Tools. Lee Valley has a wide selection of woodworking tools along with some gardening supplies and hardware. They have a great selection of hand tools and they are typically the odd little tools that make a job easier but you didn’t know where to get them.

Market Monday: Parts Express

This week’s Market Monday is Parts Express. Parts Express is a great source for a lot of electronic parts, but specifically home and car audio supplies and parts along with pro audio and speaker components. They even have quite a selection of vacuum tubes.

Market Monday: Caswell Plating

This week’s Market Monday is Caswell Plating. Caswell sells DIY metal plating kits, anodizing supplies, polishing supplies, and more. They are a great resource for metal finishing supplies.

Market Monday: Enco

This week’s Market Monday is Enco. Enco is like McMaster’s little brother. They have quite a selection but not as much. Shipping is reasonable and the quality is usually good. Unlike McMaster, they allow you some control over what brand you receive rather than just shipping what they stock. They sell abrasives, machinery, hand tools, shop supplies, and even some raw materials. I have purchased calipers and various hand tools from them in the past with no issues.