Making Motivation or Excuses

I just looked at the last time I posted and it has been nearly a year. Oops.

I have five post ideas sitting in the hopper waiting to get written but seem to lack the ability to get them produced. Some of them have been a long time in the works and others are new ideas. There should be some progress soon – of course, that doesn’t help much for getting them out now.

To prevent this problem in the future, I am going to set a goal of writing two posts a month and setting them up to auto-publish. Hopefully this will keep things flowing a bit better and allow me to get ahead of the issue by building a supply of ready posts for the slow times.

Rose Tutorial Coming Soon!

This week I will be working on some more copper roses. While making them I will slow down and take some pictures, maybe even video, of the procedure. I kind of lost motivation after losing all of the content on the site then losing my backups, but I will slowly be adding content back in as I get the time and motivation to write it up.

We’re back!

I finally got everything collected together and uploaded. I did end up losing 1.5 posts but that is pretty good considering I was working on backups of backups. Now I can get back to working on some new content and gettings things out in a timely manner. Look for some new stuff in the next few weeks.

More Roses Coming Soon

I am going to be making some more roses this week and I will be stopping along the way to take some pictures, maybe even some video, to document the procedure. I’ll get the templates put back up shortly as well so everyone can follow along at home. Additionally, I am working on generating some templates for other flower varieties.