Leather Axe Holster

I stumbled across Damn Yak Axe Holster and decided I needed one to go with my new axe cover. Since I had some leather left over from the last project, it only took an hour or so to knock it out.Finished Axe Holster

The axe holster has two snaps to open up the belt loop for easy attachment. Nothing is more frustrating than having to take off my belt to put something on it.

More details after the jump.

DSC00036The holster started off as two 1.5 inch strips. The belt hanger strip is 7 inches long and the holster loop is 5.5 inches long.





























I’ll let the pictures explain the construction process. The two snaps are located on the seam of the axe loop so it is also sewed in the pattern shown below.

The paracord loop keeps the axe from moving around and tipping out. It was oiled with Obenauf’s LP to preserve the leather and match the axe cover.

It turned out to be a quick and useful project.
















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