New Air Compressor

Sanding the truck has been an exercise in patience with the old air compressor – one of the rear fenders took something like two and a half days to sand. This led me on a quest for a new one a few weeks ago.

I spent many hours reading about compressors: single stage or two stage, pressures, CFM ratings, gallons, and a multitude of other things. I scoured the internet reading reviews and arguments about what is and is not important for air compressor purchasing. I finally settled on an Ingersol Rand TS4N5 from Tractor Supply. It is rated as 5HP, 80 gallon, 15.8 CFM at 90PSI. It features an oiled cast iron pump (though made in India) and an Emerson 230v 5HP motor claiming 22 amps. I don’t have a flow meter to check the CFM rating, but it will start up, fill the tank, and shut off while running a 6″ DA sander. It is very quiet too; about as loud as a shop vac.

I read a lot of reviews of the motors going out ont these compressors which led me to look into Quincy – they come with Baldor motors and non-India pumps. I determined the $300 price difference (locally) wasn’t worth the likely more reliable motor and 60 gallon tank. If mine does end up quitting, I’ll call up IR and get a replacement or find another one to work on it.

This thing is heavy! About 700 pounds it will take some thought (and possibly equipment) to move. Three people could move it easily with a little planning.

The old compressor could also double as a sprinkler after running for a bit. The new one has blown no moisture out of the tools. There has been some in the lines after disconnecting from sitting on the cold floor but so far it hasn’t actually sprayed water.

With the new air compressor, the second rear fender took somewhere around 30 minutes to sand. A door took around another hour; at this rate the truck will be paint free in no time. This new compressor should also allow me to spray paint as well as better power the plasma cutter.

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