iPad Logic Board and Model Number Reference List

Here is a list of Apple iPad logic boards and corresponding models

iPad 1 820-2740
iPad 2 820-2875
iPad 2 820-3069
iPad 3 820-2996
iPad 4 820-3249
iPad Air 2 820-3633
iPad Air 2 820-4550
iPad Air 820-3508
iPad Mini 2 820-4124
iPad Mini 820-3243
iPad Charger Circuit Diagram

I’ve pieced this together from all over the place – please let me know if there are any errors or corrections.

iPhone Logic Board and Model Number Reference List

Here is a list of Apple iPhone logic boards and corresponding models.

iPhone 2
iPhone 3G
820-2580 iPhone 3GS
820-2762 iPhone 3GS
820-2548 iPhone 4
820-2766 iPhone 4 CDMA
820-2803 iPhone 4G
820-3031 iPhone 4S
820-3141 A1429 iPhone 5
iPhone SE
820-3329 iPhone 5C
820-3581 iPhone 5C
820-3292 iPhone 5S
820-3382 iPhone 5S
820-3486 iPhone 6 4.7
820-3675 iPhone 6 Plus
820-5507 iPhone 6S
820-00040 iPhone 6S Plus
iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone Charger circuit diagram

I’ve pieced this together from all over the place – please let me know if there are any errors or corrections.

Macbook Logic Board and Model Number Reference List

Here is a list of Apple Mac book / Pro / Air logic boards and corresponding models.

820-00045 A1534 Macbook Air
820-00138 A1398 Macbook Pro Retina 15″
820-00164 A1465 Macbook Air
820-00165 A1466 Macbook Air 13″
820-00244 A1534 Macbook 12″
820-1881 A1150 Macbook Pro 15″
820-1889 A1181 Macbook 13″ (project M42)
820-1889 A1181 Macbook 13″ (project M42A)
820-1889 A1181 Macbook 13″ (project M42B)
820-1889 A1181 Macbook 13″ (project M42C)
820-1993 A1150 Macbook Pro 15″
820-2023 A1151 Macbook Pro 17″
820-2054 A1211 Macbook Pro 15″
820-2056 A1150 Macbook Pro 15″
820-2059 A1212 Macbook Pro 17″
820-2101 A1226 Macbook Pro 15″
820-2132 A1229 EMC2137 Macbook Pro
820-2179 A1237 EMC2142 Macbook Air
820-2213 A1181 Macbook 13″ (project M42B)
820-2249 A1260 Macbook Pro
820-2262 A1261 Macbook Pro
820-2279 A1181 Macbook 13″
820-2279 A1181 Macbook 13″ (project K36)
820-2279 A1181 Macbook 13″ (project K36A)
820-2325 Macbook Pro 15″
820-2327 A1278 Macbook 13″ M97
820-2327 A1278 Macbook 13″ M97A
820-2330 A1286 Macbook Pro 15″
820-2375 A1304 EMC2334 Macbook Air 13″ (project M96)
820-2375 A1304 EMC2334 Macbook Air 13″ (project M96A)
820-2375 A1304 Macbook Air 13″
820-2390 A1297 Macbook Pro 17″
820-2496 A1181 Macbook 13″ (project K36B)
820-2496 A1181 Macbook 13″ (project K36C)
820-2510 A1297 Macbook Pro
820-2523 A1286 Macbook Pro 15″
820-2530 A1278 Macbook 13″
820-2530 A1278 Macbook Pro 13″
820-2532 A1286 Macbook Pro 15″
820-2533 A1286 Macbook Pro 15″
820-2567 A1342 Macbook 13″
820-2610 A1297 Macbook Pro 17″
820-2796 A1370 Macbook Air 11″
820-2807 A1342 Macbook 13″
820-2838 Macbook Air 13″
820-2849 A1297
820-2850 A1286 Macbook
820-2915 A1286 Macbook Pro 15″
820-2936 A1278 Macbook Pro 13″
820-3023 Macbook Air 13″
820-3024 Macbook Air 11″
820-3115 A1278 Macbook Pro 13″
820-3190 A1425 Macbook Pro Retina 13″
820-3208 Macbook Air 11″
820-3209 Macbook Air 13″
820-3330 A1286 Macbook Pro 15″
820-3332 A1398 Macbook Pro Retina 15″
820-3435 Macbook Air 11″
820-3437 A1466 Macbook Air 13″
820-3462 A1425 Macbook Pro Retina 13″
820-3476 A1502 Macbook Pro Retina 13″
820-3536 A1504 Macbook Pro Retina 13″
820-3662 A1398 Macbook Pro 15″
820-3787 A1398 Macbook Pro Retina 15″
820-4924 A1502 MacBook Pro Retina 13″

I’ve pieced this together from all over the place – please let me know if there are any errors or corrections.

EDS, Inc LeakSeeker 89

LeakSeeker 89 PCB

EDS, Inc LeakSeeker 89 PCB

Awhile back I was reading through a back issue of Nuts & Volts magazine and came across an ad for the LeakSeeker 89 from Electronic Design Specialists. I was intrigued by the device and searched for a place to buy one, even a used one, but they were nowhere to be found. This led me to contact Dave Miga and order a parts kit. The kit price was reasonable for not having to source parts and deal with minimum order quantities plus he is the only source for the programmed PIC microcontroller.

LeakSeeker 89 Auto-ranging Fault Locator PCB

The LeakSeeker 89 locates the exact spot on the PC board (to within a fraction of an inch) where a shorted or leaky component is bringing a power supply bus or data line to ground. It is the only locator that can locate defects from zero to 300 ohms with no loss of resolution. It can even find active shorts that a DVM won’t even show. The high GAIN mode can locate shorted components on multi-layer boards with ground planes and a power layer.

After ordering the parts, Dave emailed me the bill of materials, enclosure overlays, Gerber files to get the PCBs manufactured. Not wanting to pay the suggested $100 for 5 PCBs, I invested some effort into converting the Gerbers into standard format and getting them ready for manufacturing at a place like EasyEDA or OSH Park. EasyEDA was the cheapest and OSH Park, though high quality and quick, was expensive.

So, having the parts and PCBs arrive, I began construction. Keep in mind, there are no assembly instructions at this time. (I’ll update here if I develop some.) It took me about two hours to get a finished product minus the enclosure (I’m waiting for it to arrive).

Assembly is pretty straightforward with typical through-hole components. The only issue I had was installing the BR2 rectifier backwards since it is not obviously marked (the square pad is the + pin).

I haven’t had an opportunity to use the LeakSeeker yet, but, after some basic tests, it appears to function.

The next steps are to get the case, drill it for the LEDS, switches, and probes, then make and apply the overlays. Dave provides all of the dimensions needed to ensure a quality completed product.

Here is the finished product in a poorly labeled case:

Finished LeakSeeker 89

Finished LeakSeeker 89



Parts Kit: EDS, Inc – last paragraph on the page explains how to order. You can also email directly: Dave@EDS-Inc.com
PCB: These are for sale through a few outlets. The best price will be at the Eccentric Workshop store, but they are on Tindie and eBay.
Enclosures: OKW Tenclos Pulpit 590.9 – these are imported from Italy and you must email the company to order (I worked with Jeff Duchess). If there is enough demand, I may stock these.


Order from OSH ParkI sell on Tindie