New Feature Coming Soon!

So, I’ve got this great idea for a new weekly post series. I am thinking I will be able to do a short feature on a specialty supplier. I think I have enough of them stashed away to do something like a post a week for the next few months. Hopefully everyone will find them useful and learn of a new source for some items.

We’re back!

I finally got everything collected together and uploaded. I did end up losing 1.5 posts but that is pretty good considering I was working on backups of backups. Now I can get back to working on some new content and gettings things out in a timely manner. Look for some new stuff in the next few weeks.

For Sale!

I am currently selling some of my copper roses on Find them here: My Etsy Store. I have them listed at $60 right now, most of the others I have seen for sale have been steel and have sold around $100 so this is quite a deal. Quantity discounts will be available for purchses of 6 and 12.

Shop Supplies

Finding sand paper for working on the truck proved a bit difficult. I ordered some roll of 6″ discs in 80 and 120 grit from but they didn’t have the 36 grit I had been using and of which I wanted more. After shopping around online, I ended up finding rolls of 40 grit for about $20 for 100 discs. Not a bad price, but not exactly what I wanted and I wanted them now so I decided to try locally. Everyone, I tried five stores, sold job packs of 5 discs, but only in 5″ size and only in grits I already had or didn’t need. I finally got the suggestion to try a refinishing supply place (not sure why I didn’t think of that). They had exactly what I was looking for but for ridiculous prices, a box of 100 was $150 (which would last me a lifetime) and a pack of 5 was around $11. I got two packs which should get me through the truck and if I need more, I will be ordering them.

On the other hand, shopping for dust masks and ear plugs, the opposite was true – local prices were lower than ordering them online. I got a case of 3M N95 masks for less than I could find them any where online. I also got a case of ear plugs from a local industrial distributor for more than $5 less than I could find them online.

It pays, or saves, to shop around.

For abrasive products, flap discs, discs, blades, belts, etc, check out They have a good selection and good prices