Hail Damage

We got a pretty good thunderstorm with some large hail while I was out of town last week. Turns out it just about totaled my parts truck sitting outside. The hood I planned on using was still sitting on the truck. Before it had no damage other than one small dent on the front edge; it now looks like a golf ball. I’m not sure if all of the dents will come out or if I will soon be looking for a new hood.

Trucking Along

I’ve had my 1979 F-100 Ranger truck for nearly a decade now (bought it on May 11, 2002) and restoration progress has mostly ground to a halt. It had a pretty much rusted away and poorly repaired bed when I got it – it now has a shiny, new, custom bent step-side bed with new wood for the bed floor. Also repaired were the cab corners, door posts, floor pans, and some few other small things. Then it sat. Then it got moved a few hundred miles. Then it sat again. That brings us to now; I’ve decided I am tired of it sitting around. This past weekend most of the interior and dash were reduced to a pile of parts in preparation ofĂ‚ media blasting. Once cleaned up, more repair work will take place – removing small dents and filling small holes. The final paint color hasn’t been chosen yet, I am thinking a whiteish exterior and a dark red interior.