Easy Bacon Cooking! Part 2

A long time a go I posted about cooking bacon in the microwave. It involved a lot of paper towels, a bit of a mess, and a few minutes of time. Well, times have changed. I now cook my bacon in the oven. It takes longer (about 35 minutes) but there is not nearly the mess, it tastes better, and more can be cooked at once.

I set the oven for 350° F, place a cooling rack in a baking sheet pan, fill it with bacon, slide it in, and wait. It takes about 35 minutes to get the bacon to perfect crispiness. The meat is perfectly cooked and the fat melts. Your times may need adjusted depending on your oven.

I can fit 10 slices on my half sheet pans quite easily. I cook a bunch and stick it in a bag in the fridge for when I want bacon without the hassle. Another benefit is the grease gets collected in the pan to be saved for other uses. When cooled a bit, I pour it off into a jar to be saved in the fridge for later use.

Give it a try next time you need to cook bacon or you need to cook a lot of bacon at once.

Easy bacon cooking!

I was recently turned on to a quick and easy method to cook bacon. Turns out the microwave does a pretty decent job. It is as simple as putting a papertowel on a microwave safe plate, placing the bacon on the papertowel one strip at a time, and cooking. The timing is one minute per piece of bacon on the plate. This will get it mostly there, then it is just a matter of cooking it longer to get it to a crispy goodness state. So, roughly seven minutes and I had some perfectly crisp bacon with no pan and no long wait.

Give it a try and see how it works for you.